Firefighting. Projects

Project crises

Firefighting project assignments are demanding. Of course, almost every challenging project runs into a critical situation from time to time.

However, critical project situations can also turn into project crises - here it is important to act immediately.


Typical signals for project crises include

  • For weeks, "political" milestones are adhered to without the project team seriously believing that they can be achieved.
  • The reported project status does not correspond to the actual status or is unknown to the majority of the project team, for example.
  • The project team spends most of the project working time discussing what is not working.


If a project is in a project crisis, then an "external view" of the situation helps.

die.projekt.finsher can use their Project Health Check quickly identify the potential weaknesses of the project. We present the analysis to you and work with you to define the urgent measures required.

This is how we get your project back on track.